Mighty Morphin' Analysis


Evolution of Bulk and Skull

Watching the very first episode, it’s cringe worthy seeing how awful they were and their treatment of others. Like hitting on girls despite the girls not having any of it, making fun of Billy and just being plain old assholes. 

Basically the stereotypical bully. 

Then around the second season they went from absolute jerks to jerks/class clowns who at least didn’t actively bully the rangers. Then came the 3rd season where the true change into actual good guys began and continued until what could be considered their finale episode, Countdown to Destruction in Power Rangers In Space.

It’s interesting how what looked to be just clownish bullies were turn into one of the series good guys along with having the most character development. Power Rangers isn’t a series with much character development and the fact that they allow development for bullies is strange yet commendable. We rarely see bullies be more than one dimensional archetypes and it was a campy series that did it. Go figure!