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Reviews: Todd in the Shadows

Remember what I said about not just looking at one reviewer on Channel Awesome? Well, here’s another reviewer I checked out who’s shaping up to be one of m favorites on the site. Todd in the Shadows hosts a show where he reviews bad popular music, one hit wonders, and the occasional musical movie. Also, you never see his face because he’s in the shadows. 

It sounds a lot better than how I write it.

First off, Todd isn’t the usual pretentious music snob who sneers at anything with the word pop or Billboard in it. He genuinely enjoys pop music and if you watch his Top 10 Best Hits, he does put Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas songs. But he also knows his music so you feel like you can trust his judgment or at least know where he’s coming from in his criticism. 

His humor is not quite as loud as some other reviews, minus his anger moments, and he is more deadpan in his delivery. Somehow, this coming from a guy with a hoodie and sitting in the shadows makes his delivery funny. He uses pop culture references but doesn’t abuse them. He also works well with others, especially Film Brain and the Rap Critic. 

As for flaws, besides the usual disagreement with his opinions, sometimes his character’s infatuation with Lupa, another reviewer on TGWTG, can get annoying along with Nostalgia Chick’s infatuation with him. And his criticism might tread the line of heteronormativity, especially with his comments about Justin Bieber though compared to some other reviewers, he’s actually pretty mild about that kind of stuff. A

Overall, I give him an A- and you should check him out if you listen to a lot of crappy pop music or just a music person in general. 

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