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stealing fashion from 90s animes

Killin it

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i cant get over this gif of sam super-kicking the winter soldier in the head




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too real 

On point

sing man, sing.

Everyone check out JusReign’s videos, please.

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Seven Kamen Rider Stronger Facts!


(that you may not have known!)           image

1. Stronger’s original name was ‘Spark’, due to his electrical abilities and an updated concept of an ‘electric remodeled human’, as opposed to the original Kamen Rider’s idea of a ‘remodeled human’ (kaizo-ningen, or cyborg). However the name had already been trademarked, so instead they went with ‘Stronger’.

2. Stronger’s shoulder, chest, and helmet design are deliberately based not only on the Kabuto beetle, but an American football uniform.

3. The ‘S’ on Stronger’s chest is a deliberate Superman reference - designers were aware of it when they slapped it on there.

4. Stronger’s larger eyes and helmet design was twofold - an attempt to move away from the then-typical ‘drooping eye’ rider design, and, due to the increased amount of trampoline and bike stunts, allow stunt actors greater visibility. 

5. Shotaro Ishimori designed a set of wings to go with the Kabutoro, Stronger’s bike - however these were scrapped in favor of making the bike ‘sleeker’ to keep the bike action ‘stronger’.

6. The concept behind Stronger (which was then intended to be the final Kamen Rider series) was to be ‘straightforward, delightful and cheerful’ with a sense of optimism - X and Amazon had both felt like series where the hero was locked in constant, bitter, stalemate, and Stronger was designed to be much more hopeful and soulful, to have the ‘rider spark’ that was incorporated into his design.

7. Stronger’s name comes from a concept that was pitched from the beginning as the ‘uniting of the five riders’ - that is to unite all previous seven riders from the previous four seasons - and the defining aspect of the Rider who united them being ‘stronger’. 

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For those of you who guess Power Rangers Turbo, congratulations! Now all we need is Kamen Rider Drive to be baked in a pizza and say “I’m going to toss your salad!”. 

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Always reblog.

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The other Son of the Sun.

Dex should have had this outfit. It may have improved his personality. 


The other Son of the Sun.

Dex should have had this outfit. It may have improved his personality. 

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Scans from the October issue of Hyper Hobby have begun surfacing. While I can’t understand the majority of the text I can comment on the pictures shown!

  • It seems that Omori (producer) states that "Drive will absolutely not ride a bike."
  • Kiriko Shijimawill offer support to Kamen Rider Drive by carrying around Shift Cars on her own holder for him to use.
  • Mitsuki Endo & Hitomi Isaka portray what seem to be two cops (or maybe just workers at the station) and might have a recurring role similar to Elizabeth & Queen from Kamen Rider W.

"Drive will absolutely not ride a bike."


then what the fuck’s even the point of calling it Rider anymore

You know how Kamen Rider has started to become a bit nebulous with its meaning and you could at least say “well they’re at least masked and ride a bike”. Looks like we finally reached the point where we either have to redefine what it means to be a Kamen Rider or, as onceinamilleniumgenius suggested, call him a Metal Hero. 

Well… He is same with Kamen Rider Shin then! At least Drive have a vehicle. Plus what if he doesn’t have a vehicle? Would you call it Kamen Walker or Kamen Runner? Remember this is Japan. Not Europe or America. Kamen Rider is a franchise and if he is named otherwise then Drive doesn’t deserve to be the successor of Gaim.

I hadn’t seen Shin so I didn’t know if he had a bike or not. (Did he ride a bike at any point, even untransformed?)

The thing is though as a franchise you’re still built on a premise that loosely connects the series together. Imagine if Super Sentai decided to not have their characters transform into colorful outfits. Would you still call it Super Sentai? Or what if in another Ultraman series there aren’t any giant monster fights? There’s experimenting then there’s not even sticking with a premise.

The Kamen Rider franchise is built on a simple premise: one person rides a motorbike/bike like machine and is masked. That’s pretty much it. You are free to do whatever you want with that. While a car is a vehicle, it doesn’t make sense to say Rider in that context.

The better question is why is it so hard to keep that premise? 

Shin doesn’t have a bike. For me, as long as the name is there, then that’s it. Like if Super Sentai is to be all one colored its ok for me because it’s still a Sentai. Weird but still a Sentai.

But the name still implies something. A name is meant to convey what goes on in the show itself.  This is probably not even the worst example but it just is odd to do that. Especially after had our Heisei vs. Showa dealio this could have been a good time to do a throwback with Drive. 

Aesthetic wise, bikes work the best because bikes can go places cars can’t and works well with a singular hero. I mean, it takes place in a city and if you’ve ever tried to drive in one, you can see why some people opt for bikes and scooters. 

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Gaim 43


  1. Micchy’s Mainpain is boring
  2. I wish Yoko would have a thing to do besides reacting and not punching people in the face.  Y’all remember when she first showed up and she didn’t need a belt to wreck dudes?
  3. Remember when it was implied that Kouta’s “mix” power with the lemon energy thing would be useful?  Just realized how Gaim’s writing team is not very good at incorporating the toys into the show.  Fourze was awkward at times but at least it was a part of the story (and let’s not even bring up Kobayashi ‘cause that would be unfair).
  4. I wish Mai would have been able to just fix shit so she can not be the Eve in this mishmash of symbols.
  5. Symbolism is not allegory.  Allegory is allegory.
  6. Credit where it’s due, the monster design for the monster this ep was pretty cool.
  7. Seriously, remember when Yoko was all scary grins and kicking dudes in the throat without needing a belt?  Good times.
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To be honest, I was never really that sold on the whole car theme. Like the design of the suit, the idea of a car, now the writers (though I’m more open to seeing what they bring), and now no bike.

I know that bikes haven’t been a thing really since W (though we at least saw OOO and Wizard ride on them) and I’m not saying it has to be a main focus. I just think it should be part of the aesthetic and a car theme doesn’t really work will with it. 

I’ll still watch it because that’s not enough for me to now watch it and my other toku friends on here will but it just seemed odd for a franchise that started with masked guys on motorbikes. 

Also, my official tag for the series is “shift into rider”. (points to those who can spot the reference)